Give Me Joy In My Heart

'Give Me Joy In My Heart'

Inspired by the beautiful butterflies that constantly flutter in and out of my studio all summer long, and a little bit of imagination to include humming birds, doves and canaries to create this magical piece. 


I had no intention when I started this painting to call it 'Give Me Joy In My Heart', but whenever I sat down to work on it a little more, all I could hear was my Grandma singing this hymn. We were very close and she was a wonderful lady who dedicated much of her time to the Salvation Army, and her home was always full of her singing the most beautiful uplifting hymns. The name fits this peice beautifully; hearing the hymn which evoked such lovely happy memories of Grandma, it truly did give me joy in my heart to produce.


This painting was created in May 2019. It is a lovely combination of mixed media; acrylic paint, acrylic ink, collage and a touch of sparkle with gloss and glitter which brings the painting to life and makes it dance in the light.

  • Original sold in 2019 to a private collector from Berkshire
  • Limited Edition prints are available in any size and format
  • Hand Embellished Limited Edition prints available in any size and format
  • Cards & Coasters are also available of this print