Dancing Foxgloves

'Dancing Foxgloves'

Inspired by the beautiful British countryside. A celebration of nature at it's most colouful, wild and wonderful.


This painting was created in 2008. It is part of a collection of paintings where I infused inks and dyes into a clear gel directly on to the canvas. My work was ‘built’ upon the canvas in stages and each process had to dry before the next could be applied. The most exciting point for me was when I considered the work to be finished and the wet canvas was left to dry. The drying process takes a few days and can change a painting completely; cracks occur, crystals form, colour morphs, 3D effects are created and usually changes entirely from the finished image when wet.


It really is a case of 'trusting the process' when ceating peices like this and this became the title of my first solo exhibition held in November and December 2008.


  • Original sold in 2008 to a private collector visiting my first solo exhibition 'Trust the Process', Stratford upon Avon
  • Limited Edition prints are available in any size and format
  • Cards & Coasters are also available of this print